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        1. If you want to access the exceptional stability and functionality of Freefly's MoVI range on cameras as large as the ARRI ALEXA 65, the MoVI XL has been designed to give you a modular, adaptable solution to your filming needs.
          2017 NAB Show 已經悄然結束了,新品不少,簡單回顧一下1、ARRI 發布ALEXA  SXT W數字攝影機,正式將攝影工作推入無線時代;同時發布了skypanel最新的固件,可實現更多效果。
          Stuart Dryburgh: The very first Skype call I had with Zhang, I brought up the ALEXA 65 because it just seemed exactly the right tool for the job. Not only the scope and scale of the wide shots, but the heavy visual effects content required a high-resolution image.
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