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        1. BirTV 2017 于北京時間2017年8月23-26日成功舉辦,克諾影視有專題報道小組為這次設備設備盛會做了報道,同一時間在克諾影視的微信交流群里做了實時圖文報道并回答各位熱心的提問。
          The 45-450 has the same front diameter as the Cooke 35-140 and 300 mm, same 300 degree focus and 90 degree iris rotation. It has long been written that a 10:1 is an essential part of any camera/lens package. The new Cooke Anamorphic 10:1  will be a welcome addition for all kinds of setups: close-ups, action, stunts, landscapes, and distant vistas where matching Cooke look and oval bokehs are desired.
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